Why Men Are Switching to Hemp Clothing

Why Men Are Switching to Hemp Clothing

Gents, we know you love your go-to cotton tees and denim jeans - they're cozy, casual, and they've always been there for you. But, in 2023, men’s needs are changing. They’re ditching fast & cheap and looking for durable clothing that won’t wreck the planet. The solution? Hemp clothing. In the blog today, we break down the reasons why men are increasingly making the switch to this eco-friendly alternative and ditching the traditional. 

Tough but Trendy

Robust & reliable, Hemp’s got an appeal that’s hard to beat. No matter the wear and tear of your daily grind, hemp threads hold their own. The best bit? Hemp fashion is stylish and on-trend. Now, you don’t have to pick between what's strong and what's slick - you can have both.

Cool and Comfy

Who said being stylish means being uncomfortable? Not us, and definitely not hemp. One of the biggest wins for hemp clothing is breathability. Yep, these natural fibers let your skin breathe like it's on a vacation. So, whether you're working up a sweat in the gym or killing it in the boardroom, hemp has got your back (literally). You can even get it in underwear!

Nature’s Gift

Hemp is an all-natural fiber, grown sans harmful chemicals or pesticides. Good news if you have sensitive skin, because hemp clothing is gentle and hypoallergenic. Plus, its antibacterial properties are a cherry on top. 

One Fabric, Every Occasion

Hemp’s versatility can surprise you. Casual tees, dress shirts, you name it, hemp does it. Be it a formal do or a chill weekend, there’s a piece of hemp clothing for every event in your calendar.


Men are going green - not with envy, but with style. Hemp is the eco-friendly powerhouse of the fabric world. It’s a thirsty plant that needs less water than cotton, grows quicker, and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Switching to hemp clothing is like giving a hi-five to Mother Earth.

Hemp vs. Cotton

The tussle between hemp and cotton may seem like a tough match. Cotton has been a beloved staple in men's fashion for years. But when you look at durability, environmental impact, and water usage, hemp outshines cotton like a rockstar. No wonder more and more guys are jumping onto the hemp bandwagon.

The Switch

So, how can you make hemp a part of your wardrobe? It's easy. Begin with essentials like t-shirts and jeans and then move on to other pieces. Just make sure you're getting your hands on responsibly sourced hemp clothing from brands that are all about fair trade fashion.

The growing tribe of men who are choosing hemp clothing is hardly a surprise. The perks it offers align perfectly with the modern guy's need for clothes that are durable, comfortable, stylish, and planet-friendly. Switching to hemp clothing isn't just about a change of threads; it’s about choosing health and the planet. So, ready to make a style statement that also says you care? Join the hemp revolution!



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